Nortroll's complete range of power distribution products gives customers a choice of building blocks which can be tailored to offer a complete smart grid solution.

Over the years, Nortroll has established a very strong brand. Our three recognised product lines are listed to the right.


Fault Passage Indicators to locate short circuit and earth faults.


Fault current indicators for the underground medium voltage distribution network (6-36kV).


A modular system with different building-blocks allowing the utilities to tailor-make a system.


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Why smarter network management?

Professional and passionate pioneer and dedicated business partner.


NORTROLL is your stable and dedicated business partner with more than 45 years of experience, with a strong track record and well-known high quality brand.
Professional, passionate, with deep technical know-how and genuine expertise.

Our ambition is to be a trustworthy partner for the electric utilities in their search for improved supply reliability, improved personnel safety and improved profitability. We are you preferred partner.


NORTROLL has developed its products and solutions in a close cooperation with electrical utilities on international markets.

The aim has been to save the time and costs for power outages by supplying devices to find faults fast and thus keep the power outages short. Our products have developed from local indicators to smarter network management.
We want to save your time, energy and costs, by keeping the power outages short.


Nortroll products may be used separately or combined in a system. They may also be integrated with equipment from other suppliers to provide a flexible solution to meet your specific requirements.

Our high level of flexibility allows us to tailor our systems to most requirements.

Strong trade mark

Our foremost competitive advantage is the strong trademark that is associated with Nortroll's ability to offer unique solutions, supply high-quality devices, based on our expertise and experience, knowledge and know-know.

Global through our distributors and Sicame Group

Global company – local operations. Nortroll is a global company with customers in more than 40 countries and has a local presence in 4 countries (HQ in Norway, Sweden, Malaysia, UAE). Nortroll is a pioneering company with an extensive operation experience worldwide.

The benefits

How may you benefit from the Nortroll system?

  • reduced outage time for the customers
  • reduced penalties for non-supplied energy
  • reduced costs due to less equipment failure for the utility
  • reduced sectionalising time
  • reduced reclosures onto a fault, reduced wear and tear
  • reduced need of line patrolling, thus improving personal safety

About us


Distribution network monitoring, control and automation


We have distributors in over 40 countries. Click the map for contact information.

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