Nortroll's complete range of power distribution products gives customers a choice of building blocks which can be tailored to offer a complete smart grid solution.

Over the years, Nortroll has established a very strong brand. Our three recognised product lines are listed to the right.


Fault Passage Indicators to locate short circuit and earth faults.


Fault current indicators for the underground medium voltage distribution network (6-36kV).


A modular system with different building-blocks allowing the utilities to tailor-make a system.


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ComTroll RTU-600

ComTroll 600 series of RTUs and I/O modules

ComTroll 600 is a system specially designed for remote control and monitoring of overhead line – and cable switchgear in the MV distribution network. ComTroll 600 comprises of a number of building blocks with different RTUs for different media and communication protocols, I/O modules for extension of digital inputs and outputs, analogue inputs, Local Control Unit (LCU’s) and cable fault passage indicators such as CableTroll-600.

The system can be integrated into any major SCADA systems as well as in Nortroll’s own COMTROLL SCADA. 

 RTU-600 is suitable foe a wide range of Smart Grid applications and the flexible architecture makes it easy to incorporate into older substations and reclosers as well as new and modern equipment for remote control and monitoring.

 RTU-600 is a robust and reliable control and communication unit. It is developed for safe monitoring and control in all types of substations and switching points. RTU-600 requires minimal maintenance and can be easily adapted depending on the application at hand.

RTU-600 is developed for harsh conditions/climates and is specified for -40°C- +80°C as ambient operating temperature.

The low power consumption of the RTU-600, allows it to be used with alternative charging systems e.g solar and will have a long battery backup time.


Distribution network monitoring, control and automation


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