Nortroll's complete range of power distribution products gives customers a choice of building blocks which can be tailored to offer a complete smart grid solution.

Over the years, Nortroll has established a very strong brand. Our three recognised product lines are listed to the right.


Fault Passage Indicators to locate short circuit and earth faults.


Fault current indicators for the underground medium voltage distribution network (6-36kV).


A modular system with different building-blocks allowing the utilities to tailor-make a system.


Norwegian coming soon...


Distribution Networks (6-50kV)

LineTroll 110EμR is a conductor mounted indicator for detection of PtG and PtP faults in overhead line networks.

The indicator is powered by replaceable long-life lithium batteries which have a life expectancy of 10-12 years. It provides a 360 degree visibility for indication both for transient faults and permanent faults.

The indicator unit has the same detetion / sensing principles as the
local indicator LineTroll 110Eμ. The difference is that it is equipped with
a built-in 2.4GHZ radio device which can communicate with a receiver
located in a cabinet on the pole.

Nortroll offers several types of receivers ("Collectors").

ComTroll 115C has a general digital interface which can be connected to any NorTroll- or third parties RTU for communication to a SCADA system.

ComTroll R110CQ is a battery operated pole mounted collector with built-in GSM modem (SMS/GPRS) for communication to NetTroll monitoring system or NetTroll SCADA Gateway.

ComTroll 118C is a collector which communicates with the indicators by 2.4GHz radio link, and in the other end communicates on a RS485 serial link on the Modbus protocol. It can be connected to NorTroll- or third parties RTU for communication to a SCADA system


Distribution network monitoring, control and automation


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