Nortroll's complete range of power distribution products gives customers a choice of building blocks which can be tailored to offer a complete smart grid solution.

Over the years, Nortroll has established a very strong brand. Our three recognised product lines are listed to the right.


Fault Passage Indicators to locate short circuit and earth faults.


Fault current indicators for the underground medium voltage distribution network (6-36kV).


A modular system with different building-blocks allowing the utilities to tailor-make a system.


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Our professional sales engineers are ready to assist you

Whether you have a remote control system, fault passage indicators or both, we offer professional help in setting up a system that will help you reach your goals to improve SADI and SAFI figures in a cost efficient way.

We provide:

  • Sales consultation, requirements, communication i.e.
  • Project management for new or existing installations.
  • On site test and measurements.
  • Assistance with documentation for licensed frequencies.
  • Installation by Nortroll experts.
  • Project commissioning (site acceptance test).
  • After sales support.
  • Remote support.
  • Service contracts.
  • Training

Our professional sales engineers will help you to find the equipment you need for your network.

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